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Federal and state regulations require Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registrants to report any theft or significant loss of controlled substances to the DEA. More information on reporting to DEA can be found here. Reminder* Please enter the license number of the facility that the theft or loss had occurred. License & DEA Requirements for Nurse Practitioners. Nurse practitioners, or NPs, are also known as advanced practice nurses or advanced practice registered nurses -- APNs and APRNs. The word “advanced” indicates that an NP, who is a registered nurse, has a higher scope of practice than the average RN. NPs have Minnesota Board of Nursing 1210 Northland Drive Suite 120 Mendota Heights, MN 55120 Phone: 612-317-3000 Fax: 651-688-1841 Email: Nursing.Board@state.mn.us License expiration date Public orders issued by the Georgia Composite Medical Board, including those issued under its former name (Composite State Board of Medical Examiners) A notation that the Georgia Medical Board has issued no public orders against the licensee The UIN is the same as the DEA registration number with an "X" substituted for the first character of the DEA registration number. If an NTIS user wants to verify a registrant’s UIN, they must first look up the registrant by DEA registration number and then verify that the registrant has a sub-code that includes “DW” with a number. A DEA license is required for anyone working in a healthcare capacity. This includes medical practitioners, pharmacists, dentists and other medical professionals. With a DEA license, a healthcare professional is able to administer and prescribe controlled substances.

Jan 23, 2018 · Once your California Medical License is issued, you can obtain a DEA certificate by registering online. You will need to have: your social security number; California Medical License information; a credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) handy in order to complete the online form.

Controlled Substance License. Please Note: The requirement to prescribe a controlled substance in New York State is the appropriate practitioner license and a DEA registration. There is not a separate state controlled substance license needed for practitioners in New York State. Licensing Requirements Jan 16, 2017 · Hello all!Just looking for some advice in regards to DEA licensing. Graduated and passed my boards in December and in process of waiting for state NP license. Once I have all of that do you recommend applying for a DEA license before or after securing a job?

The applications for DEA registration must be obtained from the appropriate resource as indicated above. See also: Rule §222.7 Authority to Order and Prescribe Non-prescription Drugs, Dangerous Drugs, and Devices and; Rule §222.8 Authority to Order and Prescribe Controlled Substances.

The DEA is aware of this change. Questions regarding 'N' designations on DEA registrations should be directed to the DEA at their website ( www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov ) or by phone at 312-353-7875 . PLEASE NOTE: this change does not apply to Controlled Substances Registrations issued under the Humane Euthanasia Act. If you are a practitioner, and do not have a federal DEA certificate and are applying for a new DEA number at a South Dakota location, you must write pending where it asks for the DEA registration and also apply to the DEA. There will be two applications required for a new DEA number originating in SD, one for The State of South Dakota and one