Facebook - Banned! 11 things you won't find in China

Jun 04, 2010 China Blocks Qualcomm’s Attempt to Buy a Dutch Chipmaker China's moves echo some of the US's own actions. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, or CFIUS, blocked a firm with reported ties to the Chinese government from buying Lattice How to Access Wikipedia in China: 4 Steps (with Pictures) Jun 19, 2020

Facebook, of course, is banned in China, ever since 2009 race riots in the nation’s northwest spooked control-obsessed authorities. YouTube, Google and Twitter are blocked by the Great

Facebook opens a subsidiary in China, a breakthrough for Jul 24, 2018 Instagram - Banned! 11 things you won't find in China May 23, 2016

List of websites blocked in mainland China - Wikipedia

Mar 23, 2016 China To Unblock Facebook For A Small Group Of People Nov 24, 2013 China says Facebook not banned, but must follow the rules