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How to configure your Buffalo router to your static IP Jul 31, 2011 how do i setup a buffalo wireless router with comcast Aug 17, 2008

Jul 31, 2011

Buffalo NAS external drives & Windows 10 will not connect I was running windows 8.1 and was connected through my wired network to 2 Buffalo NAS drives but once I upgraded to wins 10 I could not longer access them. I can see them through my laptop running win Buffalo AirStation Extreme AC1900 DD-WRT NXT Wireless

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Buffalo Open Port Guides. Buffalo Technology, a subsidiary of Melco, is based in Austin Texas. Buffalo routers are fairly easy to configure. The configuration pages on any Buffalo router are basically the same, so once you have figured out one Buffalo router you have pretty much figured them all out. Buffalo Technology Routers - Walmart.com