Anonymizing proxy services for allowing users to untraceably surf the Web have gone largely underground. The mainstream services that remain are Megaproxy and Anonymizer. These two services are de-emphasizing anonymous surfing capabilities and targeting enterprise consumers with safety and security features" eWeek magazine. Minimize (X)

Anonymous Surfing with a VPN: The Full How-to Guide Apr 20, 2020 Surfing Privately The anonymous proxy server hides your IP address and information about you and your web surfing. Proxy servers let you bypass blocks on certain sites - at school, at work, anywhere! You search and enjoy sites without leaving traces in cache or history.

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system Use proxy configuration taken from the operating system. clear Surfingkeys will not take control of proxy settings, this is the default mode. addProxySite, removeProxySite, toggleProxySite, to make Chrome connect to site through proxy or not, examples: Dec 17, 2015 · Try Now NewIPNow. Yet another free proxy service that provides safe surfing. The interesting feature of this one is that it currently shows the IP you are using, which is a nice way of knowing that the proxy is working well for you. It also comes with the options of choosing different IPs upon entering the address. Try NewIP Now Ninja

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