Fix problem with Norton Secure VPN if it crashes frequently

Windows Explorer, Norton Internet Online, & Other Windows Explorer, Norton Internet Online, & Other Application Keeps Crashing Good day , I am having an issue with my Windows 7 x64_SP1 that Windows Explorer keeps crashing. aside from the Windows Explorer I am experiencing the issue with Norton Internet Security Online.. Norton Internet Security Crashing - Am I infected? What do Jun 26, 2013

Aside from your router settings and making sure to use your Wi-Fi network’s security features, there are some other options, like using a virtual private network, in addition to device security and identity theft protection in the form of all-in-one protection like the NEW Norton 360 with LifeLock.

‎Norton Mobile Security on the App Store Wifi Security Orange: You’re connecting to an unsafe or unsecured network. We recommend using a VPN service like Norton Secure VPN to ensure your data privacy. Wifi Security Red: The network you’re connecting to is under a man-in-the-middle attack, where an unknown party on the same network is spying on your online activity.

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Norton Antivirus maker Symantec’s virtual private network service is sold as a means of ensuring that your traffic isn’t snooped on when you go online via poorly secured public Wi-Fi networks