The Internet Censorship in Thailand is handled by MICT, Royal Thai Police and the Communications Authority of Thailand while filtering is based mainly on URLs in areas like social media and politics. The blocking of websites contain adult and pornographic websites at large, while the focus of Internet censorship has grown to lèse majesté, national security and political issues now (as quoted

Internet Censorship Circumvention The Thailand government blocks thousands of websites, and the right to free speech is always under siege as well. By using PureVPN, not only can Thai citizens access the Internet freely but they can also have their opinions heard without revealing their true identities. Internet Censorship in Thailand - WikiLeaks Despite the fact that Internet censorship has been ruled illegal in Thailand by the Council of State law-drafting body, Injunctions against sites perceived as having anti-coup sentiments have also been used directly, see The injunction of (Sep 16, 2007). Midnight University, a public online institution, fought their block Thailand Internet Censorship - VPN Accounts Thailand Internet censorship is being implemented using two methods. One, the Thai police has placed an online roadblock to about 32,500 websites, which permanently prevents such sites from being viewed by Net users in the country. And two, the Communications Authority of Thailand has additionally filtered an undisclosed number of websites Why do some countries censor the internet? The scope of censorship is so prolific in China that many journalists and tourists are forced to circumvent the firewall using a VPN (virtual private network). North Korea. North Korea is perhaps the most notorious exponent of internet censorship, with just under 30 websites available from inside the country.

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Infographic: A Map of Internet Censorship Around the World Sep 30, 2017 Thailand’s Move to Further Censor Internet Draws Wave of Thailand’s Move to Further Censor Internet Draws Wave of Hacks The ruling junta is moving to more closely police the internet at a sensitive time for the country

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needs, censorship circumvention and resistant systems, and the impact of censorship on user behavior. 2.1. Internet Censorship in Thailand With unique censorship implementation and rationale, as well as an escalating environment of direct and indirect censorship, Thailand represents a valuable case study in Internet Censorship in Thailand - Melon Farmers Freedom Against Censorship Thailand (FACT) has now provided links to easy tools for private citizens to legally ignore Thailand's Internet censorship. Virtual Private Networks have been complicated to set up and difficult to maintain. However, with these two free, public tools, VPN is available to everyone. Internet Censorship - Bee Breeders Internet Censorship It’s been said many times that knowledge is power, which is why so many governments seek to control it. While in the past censorship was achieved through the examination and ‘selective editing’ of books, plays, films, TV and radio, the fastest and most free-flowing source of information these days is without a doubt