Now the first time I tried connecting I used this command on my arch linux computer "sudo openvpn --config myconfignamehere.ovpn" and it worked out fine, I used wireshark to check if my data was encrypted and I used the route command to check my IPs and gateways, no errors in terminal either.

How To Configure A Default Gateway on CentOS - A default gateway is what linux will use to interact with other computers connected on the network. This is typically the router and will send all packets to that IP address. The actions below all use the route command, to find out more possiblities view the route man page . How to Delete and Remove a Route Rule from Windows Routing Dec 25, 2008 Network Administration: Modifying the Routing Table - dummies If you omit the mask from a route change command, the command changes the mask to! Finally, suppose that you realize that setting up a second router on this network wasn’t such a good idea after all, so you want to just delete the entry. The following command will do the trick: C:>route delete

Check the current routing table. To check the current routing table of the system, we can use the …

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"ip route del" deletes default route - Red Hat Customer Portal ip route delete will silently delete the default route ; ip route delete default will delete the default route, too, which is the expected behaviour. Environment. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) ip route Route command in Linux – Linux Hint Before showing how the route command should be used in Linux it is necessary to understand what a routing table. is.. A routing table is a file containing information on how the information or packets should be transferred: the network path to all nodes or devices within a network. It is a map used by routers and gateways to track paths. The hop-by-hop routing is widely used, the packet route(8): show/change IP routing table - Linux man page