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How to find and open the Cookies folder in Windows 8.1/10? Jun 12, 2020 What is the path for cookies folder in IE 11 under windows Sep 12, 2016 Enabling Cookies in Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 11.0 Internet Explorer 10.0. Internet Explorer 9.0 Internet Explorer 8.0 Internet Explorer 7.0. TIP: If you do not know the version of your browser click Help->About Internet Explorer (Note: the help menu is a "?" icon in Internet Explorer 8 and a gear-wheel icon since Internet Explorer 9.0). Internet Explorer 9.0 – 11.0

Cookies folder location in Windows 10

To view the cookies folders under Windows 7/8, you need to modify the Windows Explorer behavior to show "protected OS files" first: Open Windows Explorer (Windows + E keys) Navigate to: Explorer > Organize > Folder and search Options > View > uncheck "Hide protected OS files" and apply the setting. To view the cookies folders once you can view hidden/protected files, you can simply navigate to How to Remove Cookies in Internet Explorer - dummies

internet explorer - IE11 where are cookies really stored

Aug 23, 2019 How to see my Internet Explorer cookies? The cookies of Internet Explorer are kept in special folder, which contains an index.dat file and one text file for each stored cookie. The location of this folder depends on the version of Windows. The location of this folder depends on the version of Windows. IECookiesView: Cookies viewer/manager for Internet Explorer