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Oct 17, 2004 Do ADSL Filters "expire"? — Digital Spy Actually an ADSL filter is a low pass design to remove the high frequency ADSL signals from the phone connection on the filter. The modem has a built in high pass filter to remove the voice signal which is why it is wired directly to the phone line. Electronic filters do not clog up. NTC ADSL Internet Price, Speed, and Offer in details

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If you've ever encountered a DSL connection problem or your Internet just stopped working, rest assured that you're not the only one. Indeed, many people with DSL have these connection problems. In a few steps, you can fix your connection problem before calling your Internet service provider.

ADSL Connection Frustration The original situationMy friend was running a small business and had ‘Co Find out more. ADSL Connection problems.

I had no problems with the Shaw internet at all. Since I have moved to Telus my internet connection keeps getting dropped after a few hours. To fix this problem I have to unplug the power to the modem and start it up again at which point when the ADSL comes back on I then have to do the Windows repair to get my ip address back.