Worse than their stock price This app is genuinely built terribly. Bugs for Africa. The app crashes every other time you open it. General rated content asks for R-18 pin, some content audio quality is terrible, issues around casting/Apple TV streaming, ability to search through content has terrible UX, when playing and wanting to skip forward or back, only allows certain places you can go to

If Sky Yahoo Mail isn’t loading, try switching from its full-feature version to its basic version. Although this doesn’t have all of Sky Yahoo Mail’s features you’ll still be able to view emails. Sign in to Sky Yahoo Mail. Select Settings / gear icon** in the upper right corner of the window. Mar 18, 2020 · Sky TV customers are getting some very welcome news as the satellite firm has announced a swathe of updates to help its users get through the coronavirus pandemic. Sky is putting a range of Aug 11, 2019 · Hi guys I have read a post on here from a poster who stated sky go can alllow 3 users to use sky go. So I raised this with relative who has full sky tv and has one free slot available for sky go as only really want for sky sports. So he has allowed me to use for a bit. Question is where do I

The Sky Go App works fine on my iPhone and iPad and her iPhone but the app is not working on her iPad. When she opens the app on her iPad it appears to be connected to the SkyQ box as she can see any recordings we have made but when she tries to watch a channel or play one of the recordings she gets a message saying "Sorry something went wrong.

Report Post. ‎20/08/201910:19 PM. Sky Go app has stopped working on my kindle fire. When I click on the app It displays a message saying ‘ Upgrade required - you need to upgrade your application to continue using Sky Go. To upgrade now select Upgrade.’.

Sky Go has suddenly stopped working on all our devices with a message that we are in the wrong country to watch live broadcasts although it has worked fine for the last 15 months. I rang Sky and the first thing that they asked me was "Are you with Plusnet" as it is apparently becoming a regular prob

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