Wirelessly stream HD video and internet content to your HDTV. Now you can enjoy your home computer content and stream movies from sites like Hulu®, Netflix®, Boxee®, iTunes® and YouTube® from the comfort of your own living room. There is no need to buy bulky set top boxes that limit what you can watch. Simply connect your PC to your high definition television and watch quality digital

Access all your favorite apps such as Netflix, HBO GO, Spotify, Grooveshark and more; Stay connected socially by seeing what your friends are sharing on Facebook and Twitter and share what you're watching or listening to; Boxee is tailored to your couch and comes with a two-faced remote that includes a full QWERTY keyboard to make searching simple. Amazon.com: Customer reviews: D-Link The Boxee Box HD Some of the apps require a paid subscription, like Netflix. There are plenty of devices now for watching Netflix off the computer, but the Boxee app certainly is MUCH nicer than the client built into my LG BluRay player. The YouTube app is much better than the one in my LG player also. Boxee | Hackaday When it was first announced in 2010, the Boxee remote was a stroke of genius. Not because it controlled the BoxeeBox, the set-top media center PC, mind you. Boxee Box Gets Netflix - Geek Beat

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What ever happened with Boxee? Does anyone still use it What ever happened with Boxee? They sold out and stabbed their early adopters in the back. level 2. 3 points · 5 years Mlb app disappeared near the beginning of this season and netflix could disappear any day now. Best option for local media is setting up freenas and using any of the multiple devices to stream your content locally and on

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