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Using Proxy to Limit Internet Access in IE - IT Security Setting up a proxy server in Internet Explorer is an easy way to limit internet access to a selection of websites on a computer by computer basis. 5 Steps total Step 1: Open the Internet Connection Properties. Go to Control Panel - Internet Options. Step 2: Navigate to the Proxy Settings. Click the Connections tab and the LAN Settings button. Microsoft Powershell GUI: Change Internet Options Apr 21, 2018 Internet Options keeps turning on Proxy for all Internet

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Click on OK.; Click on OK again.; Cick on OK again on the Internet Options window.; Your HTTP and HTTP web traffic should now be routed through the proxy server. You can verify that is so by visiting a site that shows your IP address, such as WhatIsMyIP before and after you make the proxy server change. Note: if you are behind a local firewall or router on your LAN that is performing network

hi i'm aware of your options, however ive made a script which a user can click on to disable/enable the proxy, however for some reason when the proxy is disabled next time they log on it doesnt over ride the setting and put the proxy back in place, unless its because im testing via the VPN at the moment

Oct 22, 2014 3 Ways to Bypass Proxy Server for Local Addresses in Using Internet Options. Press “Win + E” shortcut keys to open File Explorer. Type “control panel” in …